It’s, um, Tallis


Sweet little Tallis, with her raspy voice, hair constantly in her face, peeking out at me through wispy blond strands- “Mom, picture me?”


She runs to the chaise lounge, ready to pose for my camera, often completely inappropriately dressed (read: no clothes), as she and Araiya push each other off the chair, fighting over who’s turn it is to get pictures. Tallis has just figured out she can pose. And do funny stuff for the camera. Then she runs to me, wanting to look at the camera’s LCD screen, asking “SEE? SEE?”

funnymorning-13 funnymorning-14

Too funny. So much becoming a little girl, the shadow of her older sister, yet completely with her own personality and demeanor. Sometimes shy, burring her head, cocked off to one side, in the crook of her arm. Sometimes full of words, sentences, much of which barely makes sense but often expressing big complex ideas. Still, so little, retaining those kissable baby cheeks I love and small enough to cuddle, rolled up in a ball, on my lap. Then, she will jump up, an exploding ball of energy, stomp her feet and run off to play. Two is not so terrible.

Then she looks up at the computer screen as I am blogging her pictures. I ask, “who’s that?”

“Um, Tallis”


~ by gdesign on April 20, 2009.

One Response to “It’s, um, Tallis”

  1. so adorable. what a fun personality. sounds like a sweetie. and by the way, i’ve always loved her name the most.

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