Resigned to redesign

We made the decision this week to go ahead and completely revamp this blog. I mean completely. I have expressed my disappointment and growing realization that this site is having an identity crisis, how I feel it is constrained in it’s current state and really just needs to be relaunched. There will be a lot of freedom in it’s new rendition that I am really excited for. This is my (near) daily creative outlet as well as our personal collection of everything life so I hope to really break out of the box and continue pushing myself into new realms. In the past week I had been poking around and doing some research on the possibilities of moving over onto (currently this is free when Matt approached me about starting a few blogs for himself and our business, asking me to work with the free templates he had set up. I showed him the drastic differences I had known, the resources and the examples I found. We launched into strategizing what exactly that would look like to push ourselves out into the web, both personally and professionally utilizing ever-emerging technologies, designs and ideas. Between Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Blogging, design, portfolio websites, consulting, starting new businesses- I really am a digital girl living in a digital world. There is so much out there it is completely overwhelming to even scratch the surface. But more than anything, it offers HUGE potential to utilize it and immerse myself in an ever-morphing progressive form. I have hung back a bit here, trying to keep to myself in this little corner. I haven’t really tried to network, get myself out there or even really attract that much attention. The why behind why I blog here is perpetually intrinsic. It’s a record, a compilation of our life, snapshots into where we are in the here and now. I don’t want that to change, I just want it to become more focused, more effective on the broader scope of things. The why won’t change, but the to what effect what I am doing hopefully will. Over the weekend we purchased more hosting space, domains, a couple of theme templates, transfered this domain and downloaded WordPress 2.7. While I am really excited to launch into this, I also must pace myself. The Photogrpahy Biz site must be completed first (I got three galleries up this weekend! almost there) and I need to completely rebrand Matalie (which will be the new rendition of this site, renamed) and our personal graphic identity. Whew. Lots to come!

Thought I would share some finds, though:

Lists of Inspirational Blog Designs: HERE
50 Minimal Sites: HERE
Web design trends 2009: HERE and HERE

Sweet FREE WordPress themes:
Free WP Themes
Best Free WP Theme Gallery

Sweet WordPress themes for purchase:
Bulbs (a contender for me, didn’t make it though)
Theme Forest
Blog Perfume- Theme category
Graph Paper Press

30 tools to turn WordPress into a personal hub
I want to start a blog, now what? and Top Ten Unspoken Rules of Blogging from Think Bakery


~ by gdesign on April 13, 2009.

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