The last of our sunny days


Warmth was fleeting; today we are back to overcast. A few lingering images from the past few days of our Backyard Escapades: 

afternoon-1 afternoon-2


afternoon-5 afternoon-6


garden-16 garden-13
garden-11 garden-8

1.) Our front window, which faces east, welcoming the sunrise and warm rays deep into the living room;
2.) Lunch on the deck; 3.) Araiya playing with an umbrella; 4.) Blossom Buds on one of the fruit trees; 5.) Planting seeds in a new toy, one that was intended as an Easter Gift but I decided to start early so we have sprouts for Easter Sunday; 6.) This kid’s planter set is made out of recycled Milk Jugs, cool! 7.) Endlessly riding the trike on the deck; 9.) Pretty “flowers” Araiya has been picking (Mom has been endlessly pulling these up too); 10.) Purple Huchera planted in the yard; 11.) Some other little bushes we planted as edging atop the retaining wall; 12.) Fruit tree Blossom on the Apple Tree; 13.) Fruit tree Blossom on the Pear tree about to open.



~ by gdesign on April 8, 2009.

One Response to “The last of our sunny days”

  1. gorgeous photos as always, natalie. i love seeing things through your eyes…love the pictures of araiya…

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