The big day- Tallis turns 2!


Tallis is officially 2! Our April Fools baby, though we did some serious celebrating for her Birthday yesterday. Birthday Pancakes in the shape of a ‘2’, complete with Candles. Daddy Date with lollipops. Pink Jelly Beans, lots of presents, and of course, the awesome Cake!

cake-12 cake-9


I can’t believe she is two. She’s become such a little girl, so full of thoughts and imagination that she can articulate in full sentences. The best thing in the world is playing with her big sister. She’s so sweet and cute, I really love this age and can’t wait for what is next for her.




Yesterday she just had a blast! It is so fun to watch the enjoyment of simple things- how she is just tickled silly by cake, or how she refuses to open the next present because she is having so much fun playing with the one she just opened.



And the cake was yummy. We still have half left!

cake-40 cake-41


~ by gdesign on April 2, 2009.

One Response to “The big day- Tallis turns 2!”

  1. Happy Birthday Tallis!!
    Love, Auntie Maureen

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