We Follow is a user-powered Twitter directory utilizing tags. I just added myself under #photographer, #portrait, #christian

Having some serious furniture lust over DoubleButter via DesignMilk

Converting InDesign layouts to Microsoft Word, usefully useful on SwissMiss

Apparently my Portfolio site is somewhat live… at least the parts I have actually worked on and added content to. Long ways to go but would love some feedback since it is already out there.

Also, a super secret related to my photography biz: I will be in Southern California in October and will be available to shoot portraits or a wedding during that timeframe if anyone down there might be interested.


~ by gdesign on March 25, 2009.

One Response to “Clicking”

  1. The whole effect is very slick and professional. Easy to navigate and well organized. A beautiful and impressive front for your blossoming business! The web effects are functional, unobtrusive (yay, no auto-music!), and much nicer than regular ole html.

    The only thing I would suggest changing is super minor: on the calendar page, highlighted dates very hard to discern from non-highlighted dates (at least on all of the monitors at my house).

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