I mentioned previously we are sick. Sick sucks. It is one thing to get a little bug, get over it, and move on with life. Just a little hiccup along the way, as to be expected. But altogether another thing when we are wearing onto the THIRD week of self-imposed quarantine. When we first got this tummy bug, multiple friends warned us of a ‘little lull’ they experienced where their kids seemed to get better, only to have the pukies hit again. So we expected a few days. What we got was a full week. It was exactly ONE WEEK from when Tallis vomited in the chip isle of the grocery store, spent the following day napping, then was better until 7 days later Araiya comes into our room informing us Tallis had thrown up in their bed. We thought she was better, that we had dodged the lull and the whole family getting sick. But nope. So we quarantined ourselves for another whole week. Two days later Araiya is stricken with the same vomits, followed by a day of napping, then nothing. Tomorrow Araiya is due for her Week Relapse. Friday I got it, Saturday it hit Matt. Pia somehow has missed out on the puking, though the coughy-cold we picked up in the middle of week 2 has hit her the hardest.

So what to do? We continue to brace, half-expecting Araiya starts throwing up again tomorrow, half-praying she won’t. I guess if that happens we can guarantee it will hit Matt and I again next weekend and we have yet another long week of going crazy cooped up in the house.

I have to be thankful, though. This is really the only bout of illness we have faced this winter. Compared to last, we were taking turns being sick for at least half of January, February, March, April and May. And I have an excuse to eat a lot of this ridiculously-bad-for-you Instant Cup Noodles. Though the packaging informs me it is “Much More Than a Soup”, the only thing it conjures up in it’s delicious ‘chicken flavor’ for me are memories of College.


~ by gdesign on March 16, 2009.

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