Fairy wands


These girls really like making “Crafts”. I put that word in “s simply because to them, anything involving cutting paper, some colored pencils and a little tape is considered a “Craft”. Sometimes I come up with crafts for the sole purpose of keeping these kids out of trouble, or as in the case of this last week, simply out of sheer boredom . We have to occupy ourselves somehow, given we haven’t left the house in over a week. Spur of the moment we did Fairy Wands- foam paper taped onto a dowel. The hardest part was cutting the stick in half and it provided several hours of imaginative play as they ran around the house in dresses waving their sticks to and fro.


I have to laugh and insert a side here. My girls are pretty girly and while they have vivid imaginations, they tend to think up creatively nice things to play. The worst I have heard so far is that Tallis is Dying Because She Got Hit By A Car. Turns out they were playing “Doctor” and Doctors have to fix people who are dying (see, it had nice intentions). While I say they can be destructive and get into trouble, it usually involves them getting into food, my makeup or coloring places they shouldn’t. So I have no problem handing my girls each a stick then letting them go run off and play. I am sure some of you Mamma’s who have Boys (and even some girls) are rolling your eyes, because your idea and word-pictures of some of my previous terminology conjure up associations like: Destructive = Broken Furniture; Trouble = Sibling Pushed Down Stairs; Crafting = Super Glue on the Couch Pillows.

So I have to laugh at the thought, knowing that to many Mommies, in some respects, I have just handed my children something like this:

Thank goodness for my girls! A Fairy Wand stays a Fairy Wand.



~ by gdesign on March 16, 2009.

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