Way behind

I feel way out of touch with this poor blog. Obviously reflected in the blog stats, which has taken a nose dive this week. I am coming up for air from finishing up editing from 3 different photography shoots two weekends ago which produced about 2400 images to sift through. Now I am down to the last session’s images and am about to get those out to the clients, but of course just added another 250 from a Pregnancy Belly shoot I did this morning. Combine that with just general life, and the fact that my Flickr Pro account expired and it took me 10 days to actually log on to renew it, so couldn’t upload any more images in the mean time. Plus Matt and I got to ski (together!) two days this last weekend. Lots of good stuff, but lots of busy stuff, I have sadly fallen far behind.


But that progresses into catching back up. And in saying that, I am alluding to catching up with more than the last few weeks. You see, in going back through my Flickr photo stream, I realized how much we have been doing to play catch up. This batch of images to me served as a reminder how we go through seasons where it seems all we do is scramble to make up for things which have slipped by. And in saying that, I am alluding to the fact that in our entire 6 years of marriage, we have never had actual, even somewhat decent, bedding. Maybe I have said that before (pause to go back and look in the archives– can’t find it). But we fixed that recently. Yep, we bought a nice duvet cover and pillow shams. FINALLY. It almost feels better to crawl into bed at night now. Whatever the difference this bedding has made makes me think, man, what have we been missing out on?


Of course, the biggest difference is aesthetically. HUGE improvement from the plain down comforter and $20 Ikea sheets. The duvet cover came from CB2, on uber clearance (seriously UBER clearance). I insisted we purchase a King-sized cover even though it is a Queen-sized bed (little trick from the good old days of working in a modern furniture gallery) so the entire thing can be tightly tucked under the mattress all the way around with crisp hospital corners atop our platform bed. The fabric is a Bamboo and Linen blend, however, the texture reminds me more of a denim. I really dig the variation within the materiality, uniform and minimal from a distance but rich depth up close. Even the cat digs it. This particular set can be found here in the sale section.


Catching up only serves to remind me how much more there is to go. We still need accent pillows (waiting for these to go on sale), a headboard, a wire Bertoia chair for the corner… my list goes on… more photos to edit, dishes in the sink… I know realistically, that feeling of being behind won’t go away anytime soon, there will always be something else pressing, always the notion there aren’t enough hours in the day. At least we all continue to more forward, right?



~ by gdesign on February 19, 2009.

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