Life with a Toddler :: Day 1,272



Our cat, Maya, has recently established herself as quite the mouser. With Matt ripping of and replacing the rotting sill plate and studs atop the stem wall supporting the back portion of the house (which he was out working on this week), sections left open have allowed ample opportunities for small visitors into our crawl space and laundry room. It seems to come in waves, when Matt does some work, there opens up new ways for curious critters to find there way in until they realize and learn (rather quickly) about the Ferocious Prowling Cat who lives here. The first one she caught and left in a Laundry basket; I found it by picking up a stiff, furry thing while shoving dirty clothes in the washer. The second I stepped on while going down the stairs to do Laundry. Monday she nabbed her third, injuring it enough that it was somehow able to crawl a few feet under the door into our basement unit (which we rent out) and Matt found it about 10 minutes after the attack, lying on the carpet 3/4 dead when he went down to borrow a can opener. Last night Philip (our tenant) mentioned he had seen/heard another one, which has obviously perked the interest of Maya the Cat, who has been begging and meowing to be let into Philip’s unit.


I have several piles of dirty clothes going through the normal cycle of Laundry Day, though admittedly overly-cautious and a bit hypersensitive to the possibility of keeping with my track record of being the lucky one to find Maya’s recent (and not so recent) kills.

So I completely FREAK OUT when I walk into Pia’s room about 9:45 and get a whiff of a distinctive, meaty, stinky, almost fishy odor. 

I check the heating register, in case it crawled in their and died. I pull out the dresser, in case it crawled under there and died. I search under, around and behind the crib, in case Maya stashed it back there. Then I walk in our room- the smell is there too. Now I am really freaked, searching everywhere for the source of this odor. I think maybe it is in the crawl space below us, there are plenty of cracks and openings to let horrid odors in. PLUS, we are expecting guest to come over any minute. Maybe it is in the wall cavities, which likely have no or very little insulation in this part of the house. Maybe she hid it in our bed, as a nice present for her beloved humans.

Then I spot it.

There, sitting atop the dresser. No, not a dead mouse, like I suspected and was preparing myself to find. No, about 2 pounds of Black Cod that Philip had left in our refrigerator so we can all have dinner together tonight, taken out by a certain 3 year old searching for a snack, opened and discarded atop an open surface. Obviously not the tasty snack she was looking for. Thankfully I have an incredibly, overly keen, sensitive nose to all things which smell bad (or potentially bad, though due to allergies, surgeries and sinus issues, have an overall weak sense of smell, seriously don’t know how that works, ask my husband) and found the fish within a few minutes of her nabbing it. It has now been restored to the proper refrigerated storage container, the fish (and Mom) totally fine, now just awaiting dinner tonight. Just don’t tell anyone about this little fishy’s escapade this morning. The only one on to it so far is the cat, who’s incessant sniffing atop the dresser has caused me to banish her to the basement today, in hopes she will actually do something useful down there. As for guilty Toddler, I think the little unexpected surprise she received will make her think twice when attempting to heist snacks.


~ by gdesign on February 19, 2009.

One Response to “Life with a Toddler :: Day 1,272”

  1. Sushi sounds like a great snack for a toddler! Haha – great story.

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