Seriously low prices, seriously.

Ok, what in the world? This just came across my feed reader- Overstock has the David Netto Cub crib and changing table for ridiculously RIDICULOUS prices. How ridiculous? $180 for the crib (yea, that isn’t a typo) and $130 for the changer. Who’s kicking themselves right now? Apparently the hitch here is there are a few blemishes on the finish, but as all us parent’s know, you would just be getting a head start on what the furniture will likely look like in a year anyway. But seriously, that’s like 70% off and leaves no reason to hesitate if you are in the market for nice modern nursery furniture for an amazing deal.


~ by gdesign on January 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “Seriously low prices, seriously.”

  1. okay, that makes me tempted to buy a crib/changer and i’m nowhere NEAR pregnant…if my sister didn’t have those already, you bet i’d be buying…

  2. Yeah so, we did order both the crib and the changer. The changer came in just fine, the only obvious defect is that the doors don’t quite align. The crib however showed up not only blemished, but damaged. Through a series of misadventures we will be the owners of three complete cribs before the end of the day. So if anyone is ordering plan on potential delays…
    Happily, we now have a bunch of materials for additional furniture for baby Asen…

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