More stuff to spend money on

Thanks to the recession networking of friends, it seems lately there are far too many deals too good to pass up. That, of course, only fuels urges to buy things, false justification in the oxymoron to ‘save money’ on such and such product. Regardless, that all still involves SPENDING money, but in doing so doesn’t negate the fact that you get to spend a good deal less money than you otherwise would. Say, for example, the phone rings and it’s a friend reminding you about the super sweet, totally awesome Baby Legs Sale that she is at. If you are like me, this wonderful reminder will spur you into changing your afternoon plans from the Park up the street to the Baby Leg’s headquarters in South Seattle. And to sweeten the deal, it’s not just Baby Legs (some for $1!!) but they have stuff like Moby Wraps, Beco’s, Kate Quinn Organics and See Kai Run’s. So 45 minutes and $19 later, we now have 7 new pairs of Baby Legs and got to watch some really cool tugboats move a huge barge of sand and gravel into some floating cranes and make Concrete, which combined with the sun was actually a really great little outing. So to pass it on a little after the fact, I believe they are still going for a few more hours and still have TONS of styles left (although there were only 2 Beco’s there and I think one was on it’s way out the door when I left, but for under $75 that is a steal) and a guy with a huge box of See Kai Run’s had just arrived as we were headed to the car, all $20 (mostly sizes 3 and 4, was the rumor). How do you find out about these things ahead of time? I have no idea, which makes this little scavenger hunt a bit more exciting. Now I have written my name down on the mailing list, as the gal said they do this three or four times a year, but FYI, the address can be found at the bottom of this page.


~ by gdesign on January 26, 2009.

One Response to “More stuff to spend money on”

  1. kind of sitting here coveting… baby legs for $1!! can’t wait for our baby’s legs to be a bit longer, and then i’m going to go nuts over those!

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