House projects press onward. My steady stream of craigslist postings and sales spurring along long overdue improvements to the ‘stuff’ side of how we live. I hate that sometimes I feel the inevitable allure of ‘if I only had this or that thing, it would be so much easier/better/happier’- as if the materialism holds any true substance of content anyways. No, the issues are much deeper, my own struggles in wrestling between being a design snob who appreciates the value in well-made worthwhile objects and not getting caught up attempting to find my identity and worth in the fruitless pursuit of desiring beautiful things. I think in the past we have simply forgone attempts at acquiring things or crossed the line into coveting and purchases items when we really shouldn’t have. It’s a hard line to walk, hard to open my google reader and not feel the flutter of my heart’s excitement at the images and objectivity I am viewing while remaining grounded in reality and truth. Hard to consume in a way that is righteous and redeemed, I feel I am constantly checking myself and my motives (not a bad thing, really) yet still remaining slightly afraid to acquire things part of me feels are less ‘needs’ and more ‘wants’.


Art is one of those things.


On my list, one of the ultimate ‘wants’ that on one hand has very little utilitarian use (justifying a nice couch purchase at least has the argument of it’s use as a seat). Additionally, I have a very hard time committing to actually liking something enough to a.) spend money on it, and b.) hang it up in my home to look at every single day because I tend to tire of things (hence the reason I have never gotten a tattoo). So really only in the last 6 months have we really begun to purchase things to adorn are walls for the sole sake of adornment. Matt and I have many requirements for investing in stuff like this. It mostly has to appeal to me on an emotional level, I have to ‘get it’, it has to have feelings, moods, meaning. Often I like to have a personal connection with the maker. It has to fit in with our design sensibilities. It has to be unique.


It started with buying a piece for the girls’ new room, we looked and looked and nothing struck us. So I asked a friend of mine, Cein Watson, from High School who is a working artist in Salt Lake City if he had anything. He shot back pictures of some hand-screen printed work he had done, we were immediately floored. The girls now have a wonderful large print awaiting a frame and hanging in their new room. Matt was really struck by a smaller print in the series, deep rich blues with ornate gold accents. It didn’t really fit for the vision of a little girl’s room and we couldn’t thing of anywhere else to put it at the time. So then Cein came and stayed with us for several days over the summer on the return trip of an epic bicycle trip from San Francisco to Vancouver. A few weeks later this very print showed up in our mailbox as a thank you. But like the girls’ print, and the many others we have purchased since, it has yet to make it out of it’s carefully stored spot in the office onto one of our many blank, white walls. But I long to achieve a more finished look to our spaces, to be content in the beauty of this place and actually enjoy the labor and thought that has been going into it.


So I need motivation. Remember? I have a hard time committing to something with such permanent repercussions, so I hesitate. My kick in the pants has been re-doing the new big girl’s room and our bedroom. I also ordered prints of some of my favorite photographs of the girls (eh, before Christmas). We ordered some additional posters (around Thanksgiving). I picked up a few more items here and there. ALL are still sitting, awaiting frames. Additionally, I aim to show the process here (that is what this blog is here for, right?) to maintain progress and tell the story behind some of this stuff. On the top of the list are the aforementioned blue print by Cein and the newest addition, a wood-block print from Hijirik Design Studio I purchased on Etsy, which adds an interesting juxtaposition to the more ornate and finely detailed layered print.


Now, the really, REALLY hard part is figuring out EXACTLY where to hang them… I have them taped up where I originally thought they would go, but it is so hard to commit. So far this choice is just not doing it for me.


~ by gdesign on January 22, 2009.

One Response to “Art-y”

  1. Oh how I identify with your post! I too fluctuate between the ‘oh I need it’ side of me that is attracted to beautiful and well designed things, and the part of me that wants to be less cluttered, less ‘stuff’ driven, and more eco.

    Like you, it takes me a while to find the right home for the things I do have and love. This drives my DH crazy mostly, as I can let stuff sit around for months before doing anything with it. He’s more of the ‘just slap it up here’ variety. Whereas, I want it to be beautiful AND functional (when function applies).

    My worst case is that I’ve been ‘looking’ for dining room chairs for, um, eight years. Can’t seem to find the right ones.

    Glad to know I’m not the only one whose visual sensibilities are so, well, sensitive!

    Beautiful prints by the way.

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