Armed and ready to shoot


Matt’s brother is an avid photographer, armed with his arsenal of equipment wherever he goes. Spending time with him Sunday, as we were cruising around Downtown, thousands of dollars of camera bling hanging around his neck, garnering stares at the enormous lenses protruding from either side of his torso. Once, many years ago, we took a backpacking trip with both of Matt’s brothers (both Marines) and were stopped by a group of two couples asking for one of us to take their picture with their point-and-shoot, so we send this particular brother, gigantic film body and telephoto lens around his neck, on over to snap their picture. The women start commenting on the sheer size of the lens, hanging down right next to his exceedingly large knife on his belt. The guys, feeling a bit sheepish and unable to measure up in the eyes of their significant others after being outdone by a High Schooler, comment about all the goods they have back home. A memory still worth a good laugh to this day.


Of course these occasions together usually end up as one big, happy photography swapping event, as lenses and bodies are interchanged and traded around. The girls make pretty obvious test subjects. Matt ends up in there a fair amount, too and I got many of this month’s favorite shots (the one of Araiya below) that day.


I always find it a bit funny, the people watcher that I am, to see all of Seattle’s avid Hobbyists walking around sizing one another up and shooting sideways glances to compare who’s lens is bigger than who’s. As if the more money the equipment cost the better you are. The funniest is the people cruising around with the top-dollar goods are usually shooting at the most random stuff, like leaves and ducks, I can’t help but wonder the purpose of those shots and if they are actually going to be used for anything. For me, I can only roll my eyes at the insecurities, competition and coveting I often witness. I find more and more it is pretty unrealistic to go anywhere with three kids and large amounts of stuff of any kind.  Carrying around a big body and lens would be akin to hauling around another child. An expensive child that I would have to keep track of and fear being an easy target for theft. No thanks, I would rather risk my cheap-o kit lens that does the job just fine when I am not aiming to be working behind the camera. Special treat, though, when Uncle J. comes to town and I get the rare chance to borrow the goods that he constantly hauls around.


~ by gdesign on January 20, 2009.

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