Group effort


The late January edition of Christmas came, with an awesome dollhouse gifted to the girls by Matt’s family. This is by far has exceeded the girls’ expectations of what they had thought a ‘doll’s house’ was. Previously, Araiya kept telling me her Aunt and Uncle had dolls in their house, then they were going to bring a doll bed up. Lucky girl, when she figured out the whole darn house, furniture and dolls came along for the visit, then better yet, get to stay behind and live in their room.


Tallis continually says ‘Mine, Mine, Mine’ (much akin to the seagull’s in Finding Nemo, which the girl’s haven’t seen but I find hysterical because Tallis is just like that) and is having some issues sharing much of anything with her older sister these days. Occasionally there are the times when pressing them to share is beneficial- other times I will be glad that this dollhouse has two distinct parts which can be separated. 


Mostly, I think this is a toy which aids in producing imaginative play and interaction between our three girls, set for years of use and enjoyment. Already it is constantly played with day in and day out, even by me as I am asked to come be included in my girls’ playtime. 

dollhouse-6 dollhouse-5


~ by gdesign on January 19, 2009.

One Response to “Group effort”

  1. Wowwee. I love that PlanToys dollhouse. We were thinking of getting it for our little Isa’s first birthday… but a little too early for dollhouses that complicated, no?… We ended up getting the simpler… is it the “modern” dollhouse, also by PlanToys. But this, definitely is the best one. Does it stay together well?

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