So when you go launch into a site that immediately starts playing music, what do you think?

Is it a total turn-off? Too MySpace? Do you navigate away as quickly as possible? Does it enhance the experience? Does the type of music even matter?

See, I am shopping around for an uber-nice flash site and hosting for my Photography Portfolio and main site for natalie g. photography so I have been looking at a ton of example sites. I have always been someone who is totally turned off by music, to the point I will completely discount any content on the site if I am met with blaring noise (or I immediately turn the main sound on the ‘puter to mute). But I have come across several sites where the music actually (and significantly!) contributes to the overall vibe of the site. And marketing shows that when people view a series of images put to music they report more positively to the quality of the actual images when compared to images without music. Example HERE and HERE (versus HERE and HERE) all using the same template I am looking at.



~ by gdesign on January 15, 2009.

8 Responses to “Opinion:”

  1. yes, this is a quick response (thank you, google reader). i am a person who is rarely JUST looking at a website–i’m usually either watching tv or listening to music or something while on the computer, so typically my computer sound is already on mute–unless i’m listening to music THROUGH the laptop, which then i suddenly go AAAHHHHH! TOO MUCH NOISE! when a website has music. that said, if it’s pleasant, i might be willing to turn MY music off to listen. that said, if it were maybe in a slideshow scenario and i was aware there could be music, i’d probably be willing to pause whatever i’m already listening to and listen to the music with the slide show. i’m typically against general website background music though. phew. that was a rant. hope it’s helpful in some way.

  2. i’m not a fan. i’d probably listen if it was to go along with photos, but wouldn’t want it to just start playing when i first got to the main page.

  3. I agree. If its in a slideshow setting i’m more tolerant. If I open the website and music immediately starts playing I usually navigate away. BUT maybe if it were tasteful I would be more inclined to stay.

  4. I’m with everyone here…I wouldn’t have music playing immediately when the page loads. Especially since you don’t know the environment where people are viewing your website…work, or for me, while kids are napping, and it’s a huge turn-off when a website wakes my kids up! 🙂

    I think, however, if there was a way to enable it just while the slideshow was playing that would be great. Perhaps if there were two buttons “view gallery with music” or “view portfolio without music” this would give people more of an option.

  5. Normally, I’m not a fan. But, the photographer who shot portraits of our little guy has it on her site, and I have to say, I love it. Her music is well chosen and it really reflects the intimate / sweet nature of her portraits. Actually made me want to buy more prints when looking at our thumbnail gallery. Definitely added to the experience.

    Check it out here: http://www.joseecaza.com/

  6. I can’t remember the last time I “revisited” a site that auto-plays music or video.

  7. normally, totally turned off.

    however, those two sites you linked to had such fun music. so, it’s a toughie, and i guess i’m no help!

  8. I’m like you, I can’t stand it when it just plays on the first page of a site. That should be avoided. However, if you wanted to have music on certain galleries/slideshows, it would be fine and could even enhance the experience. Just make sure it is labeled as such BEFORE the user clicks on it so it’s clear.

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