Mom’s been shoppin’! This week it was lunch boxes, as Araiya needs to bring a sack lunch with her to Ski School and of course I aim to do better than a regular old brown paper bag. Packing a lunch is something I have looked forward to only for the reason that I get to make it creative and fun. The art of Bento Boxes has an alluring call (I love Japanese food and most of all, sushi) in how cute and amazingly creative a well ordered meal can become incredibly FUN for both maker and consumer. Influence HERE and HERE.


So last week I set off to Uwajimaya (our awesome local asian specialty grocer) in search of kid’s Bento Boxes. Of course I have seen a ton online, but I ideally needed one before Saturday. I wanted one that was youthful, yet not too juvenile and still met my (strict) design sensibilities. Struck out in the box department (unless I was willing to settle for one plastered with Hello Kitty though I found a really awesome adult stainless steel one) but did fine two sets of really cool kid chopsticks ($4) and several cut-out shape molds and such for sandwiches, fruit, rice, etc. ($5 for a few of those). Then got home and did a quick search on Amazon, hoping to get something through Amazon Now delivered to our door. What do you know, these guys were available through special order and showed up yesterday. The BEST part was they were really, really on sale so I got each of them for under $10 a piece. Total score (you know how much I love to score a great deal on something so cool).



With siblings, you can’t just buy one, so now each girl has a set to bring her lunch up to the mountain. These make my Friday’s a bit more fun as I get to prepare their lunches (and our own, which is usually bleh leftovers in odd tupperware) for them to enjoy with Daddy while I am off working. The food molds have been getting plenty of use this week, I don’t know why sandwiches cut into hearts or rice shaped like a star somehow gets eaten far better than their ordinary contemporaries. Whatever makes them eat well, right?



~ by gdesign on January 15, 2009.

One Response to “lunch-in”

  1. adorable. i’d love to see pictures of them in use (packed up with lunch). and how do you get rice to stay in its shape? i totally need to be making shapes out of our lunch food. i’m inspired. 🙂

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