Welcome to ’09

We rang in the new year with another family, parents barely awake, with a $6 bottle of wine from Mom & Pop’s Grocery in a swanky hipster hotel room at the ACE in Portland linked over the baby monitor with our 6 girls sleeping all together in a room down the hall, hoping all the real hipsters partying out in the street wouldn’t wake them up. It was one of the better New Year’s Eve’s we have had in a while. Goodbye 2008.


Hello 2009.

For the first days of the year, spent away with close friends; friends from near and far. One of the better vacations we have had in a while too. Then to return home, with no set resolutions (well, maybe to loose this last 10 pregnancy pounds), but fresh from a time of rest and escape where we reflected and reiterated where we are at and where we are going. Second day of the year, rejuvenated motivation to launch into cathartic ritualized re-arranging, re-inventing, altering and changing as we tore the house apart moving Araiya and Tallis into the guest bedroom and Pia into the nursery as Matt attached the office closet and stairs off the back deck. The third day of the year, marking 6 years of marriage and officially entering into a new phase of child-rearing rather than child-bearing, through which we have claimed back our bedroom as solely our own and making a conscious effort to improve upon this space, making it into our En-gedi (see Song of Solomon 1:14), most basically meaning Oasis. Today, though, committed to the worship of skiing, as today is a training day for Matt and tomorrow for me (Perhaps I can find a babysitter by the evening…), yet a celebration in marking milestones none the less.

2008 has been so very full with daily living, plans fulfilled, growing, and best of all – a new life! Already, 2009 promises to be another year full of so much more. We are looking forward to a year of growth and change.


~ by gdesign on January 3, 2009.

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