Purple, purple EVERYWHERE


We are almost through Day 2 of a three-day treatment for possible Candida albicans, or in the least some other sort of microbial or fungal infection. I have been nursing kids for 3 years, 4 months now. With the exception of a plugged duct I got the first week Araiya was born, we have thus far been free and clear of infection and complications. This route is a ‘better safe than sorry’ before it potentially becomes full-blown Thrush. However, what a pain in the butt this process is. Absolutely MESSY.


If you have ever used Gentian Violet before, you can commiserate. If you haven’t- oh my, the fun you get to miss out on. My Naturopath warned me, as GV is a microbial and fungal treatment which results in the babies mouth, the mom and anything this stuff touches to be dyed purple. I tried really hard to prepare for this, bought disposable nursing pads, stacked up all my black shirts and onesies we don’t care about to wear this weekend. But it doesn’t just end there. It’s all over her pacifiers, which have to be treated too. She so constantly has her hands in her mouth, it dyed her fingers purple, then she grabs us, so even Matt and the girls have residue of GV smeared here and there. It’s a bit too reminiscent of Arrested Development‘s Tobias when he tries to join the Blue Man Group (must watch to understand reference, it’s the best canceled show ever).


These pictures are nearly 24 hours after the first treatment was given to Pia. It goes away a bit quicker than I initially expected it to. At first, the deep deep dye spreads everywhere, giving her an instant violet goatee. By this afternoon, it has nearly worn off her hands, mouth and cheeks, but not quite gone and I think she will have to live in that Onesie through Monday. A far better alternative though to the searing pain, split-open skin, burning and itching I’ve been having. If I didn’t know any better, I would think she was preemptively catching up with my Toddler’s who have achieved similar results by eating pens. Plus, Pia looks good in purple.


~ by gdesign on December 27, 2008.

3 Responses to “Purple, purple EVERYWHERE”

  1. Oh Natalie! What an ordeal. Hope its over soon and you don’t have to endure that sort of infection again. But you’re right, Pia does look good in purple.
    However, though Arrested Development is a hilarious show and undeserving of cancellation, I have to say that Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip by Aaron Sorkin is the best canceled show ever. 🙂 haha…

  2. purple pia! I actually had to take that purple stuff once as a lifeguard bc people borrowed my whistle. Is that possible?
    Nat and Matt–I enjoy these photos when i check the site. The girls are beautiful- anxious to see them in person and your photography is fabulous! Happy Holidays. Love you xo

  3. Just be glad you nipped it in the bud! I struggled with thrush for about nine months and it is just awful. Grapefruit seed extract is what finally did the trick for us but we never did try GV so let me know if it works. Awesome photos!

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