Details of Christmas Morning

details-10 details-18
details-21 details-20
I (heart) MEAT details-29
details-12 details-11 details-28
details-25 details-27
details-19 details-23
details-16 details-14
details-17 details-15

The presents are unwrapped. The treats gone. Steak and Pheasant consumed. Toys endured playtime. Parties attended. Recycling taken out. Phase One of Christmas is done.

Thankfully (or otherwise depending on how you look at it), the length of time we will be celebrating the festivities will be elongated this year. The weather has been a big contributor in throwing off package deliveries, travel plans and transportation. Phase Two will be the Thawing Phase, as we (and the City) start to get back on track and into Normal Life again. Though, I have so much enjoyed the literal Halt we have all come to, which seems to have forced everyone to dote on the thoughtfulness and appreciation of what is immediately around us. For me, this has provided a clear breather and refreshing of what Christmas activities and stuff is about for me. I needed to slow down, be pulled aside (much like the 8 inches of slush on the roads is doing for my car). And now, on the backside of the Holiday slipping towards a New Year, I can look forward to travel, hustle and activity.


~ by gdesign on December 27, 2008.

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