alt Tannenbaum


Well, not exactly. Tannenbaum is German for ‘Fir Tree’, which has kicked the bucket and been possibly inadequately replaced with some awesome bare branches in a vase. Perhaps the translation der Weihnachtsbaum, or Christmas tree is more suiting for what we are attempting to going for. But in a rather non-traditional, modernist way.

tree-21 tree-20
tree-17 tree-13

I actually really love the look of stark winter trees against the grey-blue cloudy sky. I have far too many images of the tops of bare trees in my photostream. This little installation is an attempt to bring the outside in, I guess. When it came down to it, I just couldn’t bring myself to attempt to put lights on our branches, I like the purity of the dark contrasting against the silver bulbs. I do still want to utilize the lights, but need to do more brainstorming on where else I can put them. This has given me a bit of a push to do more “Christmasy” stuff around the house too, for which I have a lot of ideas brewing. Anyone know where I can buy fake snow??

tree-19 tree-16 tree-15


~ by gdesign on December 18, 2008.

One Response to “alt Tannenbaum”

  1. i like the alternative christmas tree…it’s very “winter wonderland”

    i’m still mourning the fact that i can’t have a true, or even alternative, christmas tree…boo.

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