I knew they were up to no good when Araiya comes to me in the kitchen and tells me they are decorating their room.


Somehow they had stolen a blue permanent marker out of Matt’s bag before he left for work that morning and had decided to accent the bird mural I had done above Araiya’s Toddler bed. At our house we continue to struggle with these girls drawing on things they aren’t supposed to. We have only bought washable markers, colored pencils and crayons, but they abuse those too (who knew washable crayons, when dipped in water become the perfect substitute for lipstick??) and are now only allowed to draw when adequately supervised. I know at least Araiya knows better, so she has been very sneaky on the occasions she has been caught drawing without permission (usually on something other than drawing paper).

We explain how this is destructive and disrespectful to our nice things. This instance has been the worst yet. They hit not only the wall, but the Argington Toddler bed, the closet door, the door to the hallway, the door to the master bedroom, their Ikea Dresser, our Ikea dresser and the Duc Duc crib. It is inconceivable to me how much damage two toddlers can do when I turn my back for less than five minutes.

I made them try to clean it off with some Clorox wipes, which of course didn’t do much. I figured I could always paint over the wall, but the furniture, some of which are very nice pieces now adorned with massive blue scribbles, was another story. I have been amazed before with the miraculous success I have had with Magic Erasers, which I originally discovered in use on my vintage Eames Rocker after a pack were left below the kitchen sink by the previous owners of this house. I have used them many times since on a cheap Ikea lack shelf we use as a bench in the living room which tends to be the usual tagging location. They went on my weekly shopping list to tackle just this seemingly insurmountable task.


Again, I am impressed:



The furniture was no problem. The nicer finishes on the Duc Duc and Argington pieces made a difference in the pen coming off better than the cheaper Ikea dressers. You can’t even tell there were ever fat blue marks on the beds.

The wall however, didn’t fare quite as well. I started taking the paint off the wall, exposing the bleh beige under the new white on the tops of the bumpy texture. The blue is faded, but not gone. I will have to come back with some touch-up paint to get rid of the blue residue. Not a small (and potentially messy) task to take on, though a task to be saved for another day.



Obviously, prevention is the best plan, but I am still thankful for the backup invention of this product. It continues to save our stuff, though I still would really rather not know exactly what chemical and dangerous concoction makes these little white disintegrating sponges do the magic they do.


~ by gdesign on December 16, 2008.

One Response to “Taggers”

  1. I know this doesn’t strike you as funny but I swear, desire and ability to produce art work on doors and walls must be genetic! You were an amazing artist yourself, as I recall at a very young age! xo

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