Snow Days


Saturday evening it started spitting snow. Sunday we awoke to a few inches. Now I know that isn’t much, where I come from the snowbanks are often over my head by this time of the year. But for Seattle, snow that sticks around is a rare treat (or a huge inconvenience, depending on how you view it). 

snowday-11 snowday-14

I love it. This is my element, my sense of normalcy. 45 degrees and wet makes me cold, unable to warm up because I can’t get rid of the damp feeling. 22 degrees and dry feels far, far better. I actually wore less on Sunday than I did on rainy Friday and Saturday. I recall I commonly wore flip-flops to High School in February. Winter is my favorite season. The cold doesn’t bother me.



I also think the cold is bearable if you are adequately prepared. We have ensured our kids are properly outfitted with great cold weather and snow gear. I remember how miserable it was like as a kid to have substandard clothing and outerwear. Still, it has been pretty cold here, even with the beautiful clear days and sun we have been getting. The girls have resisted my attempts at layers. Araiya still wants to wear a skirt and her Mary Jane’s. 



So Monday we set out, like usual, for a walk and playtime at Tougo Coffee. Bundled up with wool, hats, mittens, jackets and scarves in the BOB double jogger and headed up the hill. But low and behold, we get all the way there to be greeted by a sign on the door that the pipes were frozen and they were unable to open. We had to turn back. It was a sad trip home. I was met with five blocks of incessantly loud whining, “IWANNAGOTOTOUGOS!!! IWANNAGOTOTOUGOS!!!” A lady passed and commented on how my poor babies were frostbitten. I graciously refrained from explaining that at 32 degrees appendages would need to be exposed for over an hour to suffer from frostbite and the only reason they are screaming is because they don’t get a doughnut and playtime with their friends like we routinely do nearly every single Monday. We got home and they asked to go play in the snow.


Rather, we baked cookies. Really yummy and perfectly golden Chocolate Chip Cookies.


I think they made up for missing out on Tougo’s playtime (though we did actually go back that evening and they got their doughnut after all). 

snowday-30 snowday-29

snowday-28 snowday-32


~ by gdesign on December 16, 2008.

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