Day three of being non-Christmasy. I am just having a real hard time with all the Christmas songs rolling through my head on repeat to not also have things look equally as festive. One of the downfalls of being a visually creative person, I guess. We decided to go for the branches-in-a-vase look, even went as far as to buy a big glass cylindrical pot and rearrange the living room a bit. It has sit, empty since Saturday night, as I am married to another visually creative person who often has varying opinions to my own and can often times be downright picky. Other instances, he would complain of my extreme pickyness, as in the case of the rather uneven and ugly branch he pruned off the pluot tree which is still sitting out on the back deck and now won’t get used in this endeavor.

See, I realized I walk by this empty lot down the street several times a week which has had a pile of branches on and next to the sidewalk, cut from the tree that lines the street in the city right of way. I took keen notice today, as several were far more elegant than the tangle of wood left out at our house. I even made careful note to Matt as we walked by the second time tonight how those branches were much more aesthetically pleasing. At first he took it as a low blow too his branch, then upon inspection agreed they were far nicer.

So, tonight after all three kids were down for bed and Matt frantically pounding away towards a deadline fir his digital model in it’s ninth hour, I threw on my coat, a hat and drove the car two blocks away, hoping the darkness would aid in veiling my anonymity. Yes, I couldn’t help but feel a bit odd and ridiculously self conscientious as I hurriedly grabbed the branches I had my heart set on. I had hoped it would be a grab ‘n go mission, but no, the perfect branch, far down at the base, had an ugly Siamese twin attached, jutting an additional 8’ of tendrils at a 90 degree angle. So I bent, twisted, and finally broke it off over my knee, resulting in a terribly loud *SNAP* which likely made the neighbors on half the block stop and wonder what the heck was going on. Terribly embarrassed out of the irrational fear of what I looked like, stealing this old dead branch off the side of the street and strapping it to the roof rack of my Subaru with a bungee cord. I drove off, wondering how many of the four cars I passed wondered, what the heck is that person doing?

And of course I run into our neighbor as I pull up and he jokingly asked if I had gotten a ‘Christmas Tree’.

Um, yes.


~ by gdesign on December 15, 2008.

One Response to “Taken”

  1. haha…this made me chuckle because i have had so many of these moments–the moments where you are trying to do something unnoticed and somehow the event is noticed–and commented on–by everyone it seems

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