True Story

So I am doing dishes, scrubbing away at my huge Dutch Oven, and Araiya is quietly absent. Usually a sure sign she is up to no good. And since today we have already dealt with her bringing her skis up from the basement, drawing in permanent blue marker all over her wall, her door and one of the dressers in the master bedroom, my level of patience was quickly waning close to nada. Soapy hands I search around for what she was up to. Not finding anything, warn her to play with her toys and her sister in her room and tell her Daddy will be home soon.

About an hour later, as Matt and I our discussing our day tomorrow I come into the office to check on an Evite for a birthday party tomorrow, as I wasn’t able to find it just browsing on my iPhone. Low and behold, Araiya had posted her very own, and very first, Blog post here.



~ by gdesign on December 5, 2008.

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