It’s not rude to blurb. But seriously, Oh Blurb books, where were you when I was trying to print out my 327 page Architectural Thesis book for a week straight?? If you are, know someone, or even know someone-who-knows-someone trying to finish up their first quarter thesis book draft in the next few weeks, YOU MUST TELL THEM ABOUT BLURB.

No Excuses. Blurb Books is likely one of the most awesome tools I have used in quite a while. I just made a 132 page photo book of my photos off my flickr stream from the past year IN SEVEN HOURS. Including download and upload time. That’s it- 408 images, custom cover, custom layout. Bam. Done. Right in time to order by today and get $10 off. Not that the books aren’t an awesome deal anyways (they start at like $13), but baby-oh-baby. Christmas gifts- CHECK.



~ by gdesign on December 5, 2008.

One Response to “Blurbing”

  1. Ever since I found out about Blurb earlier this year I’ve been thinking the same thing about Thesis. Been wanting to use the service, just haven’t found the time. Is your book available to peruse online?

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