16 weeks


Miss Pia is 16 weeks old as of yesterday. She has really begun to emerge into babyhood, vocalizing, wiggling, nearly rolling over, keeping captive attention with her bright and sparkly eyes, keen on watching everything her sisters are up to.


Sweet, snugly and most often absolutely content. She has fallen into rhythms faster than either of the other kids. 4 months down. By the start of the new year she will be likely sitting up. I am very much looking forward to what is just around the corner. Sentimental too, as I have already removed all the newborn clothing from her drawer and replaced it with the next size up. Which means I can get rid of all the itty bitty clothes, some of which I have already set aside to hang onto simply because they hold to many memories of each of these girls as newborns. A phase of our lives, passed forever. Yet, dwelling on it doesn’t hold too long, there is still so much ahead!



~ by gdesign on December 4, 2008.

One Response to “16 weeks”

  1. wow! she is sooo you and sooo matt!

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