It’s gone


Friday morning Matt comes out of the bathroom after a shower, pauses in the hallway and announces he thinks he wants to cut his hair. All of it. I ask him if he even knows what he would want to do with it. It has been 5 1/2 years that he has had a ponytail. He sits down, thinks. Something hip, British rocker like. I tell him to go Google that and see if he can find any images of what he wants. Three minutes later he hands me these printed pictures and asks, can you do this?


So I collect my arsenal of wantabe styling tools- a comb, thinning sheers, an olfa blade, toddler hair ties, his beard trimmer and scissors. Now I normally cut his hair (and the girls’) but I have never cut a male short haircut. It’s been super easy to trim his straight. I actually used to do that to my own hair. I have however, seen it done many times and a few times even razored my own hair. Thankfully, my husband trusts me with a pair of scissors.


This is the before. Matt’s hair is super thick. He has a ton of it. His biggest frustration is that it gets frizzy and pouffy and just generally unmanageable. I can relate. So the most important thing was to thin it and layer it. So out came the scissors. I think Matt’s mom was the most anxious as long wet locks fell to the floor.


So we chopped. And chopped. And sheared. And buzzed. And razored. 


And ended up with a new, groomed Matt. Somewhat British Rocker-esque. Yes, I was attached to the ponytail, but am surprised how much I like my husband with this look too. I guess we have said goodbye to the times we are greeted in a restaurant with ‘what would you ladies like?’ before the waiter catches a glimpse of the full beard or the times someone rolls by on the street and asks Matt if he wants to buy some pot. Now I think I need to buy him some Product to style his new ‘do just like all the other hipsters do.


So far he has caught many of his friends off guard. That has been pretty funny. Most of the people we know up here have ONLY known Matt the bearded ponytail guy. This has been a big change. What do you think of the end result?


~ by gdesign on December 1, 2008.

5 Responses to “It’s gone”

  1. wow! big change, but it looks great! good job, natalie. the great thing about hair–it grows back so he can go back and forth, but i do like the new look!

  2. Great Job! Hipster indeed. Much better then I did on Rob’s hair. No bleeding involved 🙂

  3. omg! lets see more picts!!!

  4. I believe I fall under the category of having ONLY known Matt the bearded ponytail guy,” so yeah, comes as a big suprise. Wendy was just asking me why I don’t change my hairstyle (as she cut it in the normal way). I guess I’m just boring…

    Good for you Matt, way to shake things up.

  5. been out of the world of blogging for a bit (been a bit busy!), but i HAD to comment about this! WOW!!! he looks a lot different. i’d say i like both looks. you did a great job with the cut.

    and the family pics on the previous post are awesome!

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