Family- November


Last weekend we swapped family photography with some friends (he’s an aspiring photographer), since each of us tend to have lots of photos but very few our whole family together. I really love taking photos, but really hate having my photo taken. Regardless, I sucked it up and we had a blast. There are some good ones of us, though it is still awkward to be on the other side of the camera. I, of course, couldn’t help but snap some images of my girls too.





(And my guy, who decided to climb the moulding and do a pull-up on the keystone of this awesome building we used as a backdrop, turns out the moulding and keystone were Styrofoam which didn’t hold up as well as he thought)

DSC_5581 DSC_5589 DSC_5592

DSC_5597 DSC_5595


Then Tallis tried to copy him:


The building is an old brick warehouse in South Lake Union used by the Seattle Post Intelligencer newspaper. There is about a three block radius where just about every parcel has a proposed land use action sign up or is currently in design review. This whole area of the city is changing super fast. But for now, there are lots and lots of really awesome Urban backdrops for taking photos here. The doors and raw brick of this building just really sealed the deal for me. I hope it too won’t be demolished to make way for yet more (quickly becoming ugly due to the sheer volume and uniformity) high end condos. The wear and patina here embodies such a richness and history that simply isn’t retained in much of the large developments changing the face of this neighborhood. 


[edit: okay, so just to prove how off and behind I currently am, I just had to come back and edit the TITLE of this post because I originally wrote, “Family- October”. Yea…]


~ by gdesign on November 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “Family- November”

  1. k, but there’s still no photo of the five of you (or any of you!) 🙂

  2. oh i see. 🙂 these are the ones you took. my mistake, i thought you were posting the ones your friend took…

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