Life with a Toddler :: Day 1,175

Trying to put Araiya to bed tonight, which is usually heavily resisted on her part, she decides she wants to be a Pirate, thinking perhaps somehow it would aid her in avoiding going to bed. So we played along, telling her Pirates sleep in their bunks at night, she could pretend that her toddler bed is a bunk and tomorrow we could go hunt for buried treasure. This leads to an onslaught of questions regarding Pirates- ‘where do Pirates live?’, ‘where are the Pirate’s Mommy’s?’, where do Pirate’s eat?’.

Then she tells us Pirates don’t have legs.

“Why not?” I ask.

“Because they don’t.” she replies.

“How do they walk?” I ask.

“On their feet.” she replies.

“What are their feet attached to?” I ask.

“Their ankles.” she replies.




~ by gdesign on November 19, 2008.

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