The top of this post is supposed to be adorned with a photo of Araiya and her ‘iphone’ — or as I have been calling it, her iPhony. You see, Matt got a hard case for his iPhone last weekend and inside the display was a full-color cardboard representation of the phone inside the case as part of the packaging. It took Araiya all of Five Seconds to fish it out of the trash and begin using it. Because she knows EXACTLY what it is. She brought it to Tougo’s on Monday. She carried it around all day Tuesday. Wednesday she brought it in her pocket to my Women’s Community Group. Today, well.. today it has disappeared.. before I could get a picture. Even she has been sucked into the hype.

For some unknown reason, Matt’s cell phone plan was ready for equipment upgrade about a week before mine. He has had multiple alarms and countdowns set on his calender and email, set since before the July announcement of the 3G model, poised to go off at the exact moment he could order his iPhone in order to pick it up the very day he was eligible. His poor Palm Treo limped along for months, unable to hang up a call unless he pulled the battery off the back. I was in as bad, if not worse shape. He could at least make a call. My Motorola got stuck in the back hatch of our Subaru like, a year ago, crinkling the metal skin right where the antenna is. I am lucky to somewhat be able to talk quick conversations sitting in a very exact and specific spot in my front window, so long as the temperature is above 45 degrees and the wind blows from the SouthEast. Every other time I have EVER gotten a phone it has always been one of the Free ones. I was unfazed by the original iPhone- an expensive toy. The 3G, however, far more intriguing when they announced it in July. And now, after almost a week of watching Matt, I have to admit I am a bit green with Envy.

Which brings me to a bit of a crisis, as my own highly anticipated day to upgrade is Tomorrow. I had said, rather casually, I would maybe like an iPhone, it would be nice. But honestly I have had every intention of simply getting the cheapest, yet not going to break in 3 months, most basic model I could. But then I started looking on AT&T’s website for what I can get with my upgrade. Seriously, could there be any worse of choices?? Even the semi-decent, somewhat-well-built, not a whole lot of bells and whistles are going to cost me over $100. I am really dreading getting another phone that I swear has been designed to break in 6 months. So the iPhone is actually looking like a darn good choice. The $200 price tag, steep yes, but considering the other options not ridiculous for what you get. Heck, the only possibility out there where you can actually purchase the extra warranty to cover you long enough to reach your next equipment upgrade. And by the time I add in text messaging and the like on another device, the monthly service fee isn’t all that much more either. So what to do?

No matter how you slice it, the iPhone is like the amazing and always useful Swiss Army knife, it has so many features bundled into one little incredibly well designed package. There is an element of ooh and ahh-ing over the utter coolness of this coveted device. But seriously, this is a huge consideration right now. To iPhone or not to iPhone? Could I live without it? Sure. (I could also live without chocolate, but what would be the point?) So here, as concisely as I can get it, the top reasons Why I am considering upgrading to an iPhone:

  • I can’t do an over-sized calendar on the wall or a pocket planner, it is just too messy, too easily overlooked. The iPhone’s calendar syncs up perfectly with Google Calendar and iCal which allows for scheduling changes on the go (because we all know how fluid the schedule gets and planned things have a tendency to change). Between my life and Matt’s, we have a ton of stuff to keep track of and just don’t do well lugging around a paper calender or planner (tried that, it failed). Plus my whole life is on Google Calender already, it would make things so much easier to carry it around in my pocket.
  • Gone are the days of dozens of scattered papers and diaper bag clogging notes. This is my usual trick- scratch down a list- grocery, to do’s, directions, important thoughts to come back to — then 2 hours later when I need the contents of that list I can no longer find that little scrap of paper. The iPhone’s notebook and reminder alarms could effortlessly handle everything from grocery lists to telephone conferences. I’ve done the paper system for years and am over it… these days it goes right into my online calendar anyways. I can have reminders sent to me in the same device as my phone numbers, email, music, calender and directions. We are becoming more and more a paperless society, even our thinking and organization in our minds has become very much akin to the model of computer organization and applications.
  • Google Maps- I would buy an iPhone just for this feature, seriously. I use the maps almost every day to time bus times or get directions or look up the closest place to get lunch. I think a huge advantage would be when I’m trying to find my way around new places and, in my permanent mommy brain moments, I leave the house without looking up where I am going (or I write it out on a piece of paper then leave the paper by the computer).
  • Instant Internet access through the Safari web browser over either WiFi or AT&T’s edge network allows for the checking anything I need while I am out, eliminating all guess work out of the “where,” “when,” and “how” of what I am trying to do. I can’t tell you how many times I have been out somewhere and wish I could just Google whatever I was looking for.
  • For those who, like me, don’t live and breathe texting, the iPhone’s SMS client colored “talk bubbles,” just like in iChat, making reading easier. I am a painfully slow texter on my Motorola’s numerical keys and have found lately I’ve been texting and being texted a lot. It seriously takes me like 5 minutes to reply, and though the touch-screen tech of the keyboard takes some getting used to, the little I have used one, is both intuitive and faster to use than traditional cell-phone keyboards.
  • Show off all those cute pictures of the girls either with the images stored in the phone or use an App to connect to my Flickr account. Even better, as I build my photography business, I have an insta-portfolio by syncing images from my previous shoots to show to potential clients I happen to start networking with at the coffee shop or wherever.
  • A big one is the capabilities of having insta-lifesaver-entertainment, for meltdowns on the bus when the girls are just over it and we still have 10 blocks to go until our stop. I can Download and read books, watch those Tina Fey SNL clips, vintage sesame street, or Veggie Tales cartoons whenever you need it in a pinch.
  • We’re networked at home, and Matt and I sit down once a week to sync our calenders to ensure we are on the same page about what each of our weeks look like both individually and for our family. Since we use the same programs, namely iCal, Mobile Me and Google Calender, it helps each of us to put their schedule on the other’s calendar program and remotely update events, invite others and keep up to snuff with our schedules. Since Matt is already mobile, getting me onto an iPhone too just simplifies this process and makes syncing far more efficient.
  • I get to carry less. Hey, I have three kids. This is the ultimate goal for going anywhere- take the least amount of stuff possible. The cell phone is a must, I don’t really go anywhere with out it, mostly for safety reasons if I need to be gotten ahold of or need to get ahold of someone else. I actually own an iPod, I just never take it anywhere because it is just one more thing to carry. I have wanted a PDA for a while, but again, one more thing to carry. Laptop? too burdensome. The iPhone would bundle all these functional items into one device, essentially the same as carrying just the phone.

What it really comes down to is it is a tool for efficiency. It is just a tool. But it sure is handy, and I love the idea of having everything at my fingertips, especially for when I’m away from home. Since I no longer have a laptop that functions as a mobile device (it took a spill on it’s head and shattered the screen a while back, I really do miss it), and even if I did, I would still have a hard time lugging around a laptop and 3 kids. So that route isn’t so practical any more. To me the iPhone would be like having a pocket-sized computer. I guess that is really what it is designed to be, huh? With so many of us Mom’s having grown up in this information age, we are all so used to being plugged in. Those of us who have grown up with computers are more likely to find tools such as PDA’s absolute necessities, whereas those a little older are probably more comfortable with their own organizational methods. Neither is wrong, it’s really a case of what works best. I would think moms would be the next big market for Blackberry-iPhone-type products. In fact I can’t believe that companies haven’t already targeted us more.

Arg.. now this is getting long. I still have until tomorrow to sort it all out.. stay tuned.


~ by gdesign on November 6, 2008.

2 Responses to “iPhony”

  1. you know you’re going to get one. you just listed a million reasons to get one. and no reasons not too get one. we all want one. they are so lovely.

    ps—> i’d love to catch up soon. or rather, let you know my life story, as yours is here for us to read.

  2. asher and micah love the iPhone. my mom has one and they both know how to use it. for what it’s worth, many of the applications are really fun for kids to play with. i’m considering getting one, although I don’t know if my husband would consider this an act of treason as he works at msn…

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