the Princess and the Pea (and a Pumpkin)


Quiet Halloween Holiday this year. We did dress the girls up, but didn’t actually do any heavy celebrating or candy consuming. It was one of those days that just really didn’t go according to plan. The days that make you improvise and whatever you get is what you end up with. We had a Princess, a Blue Princess to be more specific. A Blue Princess who, as shown in the above pic, wore a purple coat and pink scarf over her Princess dress as to not get it wet and a blue wool sweater and leggings under her Princess dress (it was really cold and rained nearly all day).


In coordination with said Princess is her accompaniment, Pia the Pea. Get it? the Princess and the Pia? That one has been a Knee Slapper for Araiya in the past few weeks when she is asked what she is going to be for Halloween- ‘the Pwincess an ‘da PIA!!’ Costume complements of Goodwill for $2. A costume for Tallis proved to be a bit harder to tie into the ‘theme’- she hasn’t really been into the Princess Dresses I got for the girls. One (very fleeting) thought was Tallis could be the Mattresses, I could make her some sort of stuffed costume. While that would have been warm and mildly entertaining, I didn’t have the heart to exploit my daughter like that. So she got to wear Araiya’s Pumpkin Costume I made last year. So we could have had Cinderella and her Pumpkin Coach, or Two Veggies.. The theme was pretty loose.


I got them ready to go out in the late morning hoping to hit up some trick-or-treating at some local neighborhood businesses that were hosting a ‘Safe Street’ Halloween during the day. But then Tallis had an utter tantrum-y meltdown (and turned into a pumpkin) because she a.) didn’t like her costume, and b.) wanted more Tortilla Chips. It was clear she was in need of an early nap, so she conked out about 10:30am, only to have Pia go down for her usual nap about 12:30pm, elongating naptime to be extended pretty much all day. 


The evening plan was to head over to a party at a friend’s house, but their kids woke up from naps sick (same trick we pulled last year) and had to cancel last minute. So Matt and another friend created a last minute re-plan which involved Ethiopian take-out and the original Disney Jungle Book cartoon.

DSC_3643-2 DSC_3648-5

All in all, no candy, no trick-or-treating, no pumpkins (well, except this one). But that was more than fine, as 2 out of 3 presumably enjoyed dressing up.


~ by gdesign on November 3, 2008.

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