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This is quite a delayed post, it has been on the back burner for far too long. Since the popularly debated Dolly post, I have been making some good strides in the world of makeup and skin care. Having absolutely ZERO experience and knowledge of makeup, I of course did a fair amount of Googling to research the stuff. I knew I wanted something natural or organic, there is just far too many issues with mainstream cosmetics and the dangerous ingredients they contain. Granted, even ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ doesn’t exempt you from potentially harmful chemicals and the such, but it falls into the lesser of evils category for me. Far less concern than the stuff they use in most mainstream and mass-produced (mostly overseas) products, as cosmetics, electronics and children’s toys are the three main ares in consumer products where our country has far less rigid regulations than other (even less developed) countries (and our government even has the audacity to try convincing us certain levels of some chemicals are actually safe while other countries outright ban those same chemicals in the exact same products, but the companies still manage to send all the chemical-laden products here while manufacturing identical products, minus banned chemicals, to Canada, the EU, Australia and many others).

Ok, off my rant. So I did find many ‘Organic’ and ‘Natural’ Makeup and skin care products… only they cost an arm and a leg. Maybe it is just me and I am clueless about the price of stuff like this (or just a tightwad), but paying $38 for a stick of mascara seemed a bit ridiculous. Plus there is the huge drawback of buying stuff online- you don’t really get to test it out first. So then I came across a link on another blog I read (can’t even remember which one now, there are like hundreds I go through on a regular basis in my google reader) that raved about this little one-woman-operation called Mixology (blog here). I looked into it, got excited, asked some questions, and finally ordered nearly a dozen makeup samples from Mixology Makeup. Rae at Mixology hand creates natural, mineral makeup and sells it through Etsy.


In addition to making a quality sustainable-minded product, she also has partnered with Blood:Water Mission and donates $1 for every item sold in her shop to promote sustainably-minded mission work. Totally awesome endeavor. I believe we speak very loudly with our pocketbooks, and I would much rather support a small, growing business who supports a small, growing organization that is really impacting people’s lives for the better than monetarily support a large in-personable corporation that continues to breed capitalistic inequality of resources and greed.

What it comes down to is Mixology Makeup is all around Awesome! I have really been enjoying the samples, actually wearing something every day, venturing into new territory (I even wore blue-ish silver eyeshadow to the grocery store one day, how is that for going out on a limb?) and actually enjoying it. I was really surprised to find that in unlike the makeup I tried to wear in High School and College, this looks far more natural and feels way lighter, like it isn’t even there. I am even wearing a powder foundation every day, something that I always thought was so fake and obvious looking back in the day. But this stuff is far, far different, not even a comparison. I have found far different results applying the eyeshadows with a q-tip than the really nice (and better!) vegan-synthetic brush I bought (Rae sells these in her shop, but I happened across them at Madison Market last Thursday for all you Seattle locals). I think I do still need a bit of help learning and more practice to apply makeup correctly, I’m sure I’m doing it al wrong.

I do plan on buying some full-sized stuff, the problem has been I like just about everything and she keeps coming out with more great stuff. Good thing she gives away samples with every order, too!



~ by gdesign on October 28, 2008.

4 Responses to “Made up”

  1. I’m going to have to order a sample of this stuff. I’ve been using mineral makeup from Purely Cosmetics ( and it looks like these two are similar in price and ingredients but I always love to support more independent sellers.

    One thing I noticed that is wonderful (looking at the ingredients of Mixology’s makeup) is that they do not contain bismuth oxychloride which is found in most mainstream mineral makeups such as Bare Escentuals. It is actually a derivitive of lead and is what causes most people to have skin irritation and sensitivity to mineral foundations. I tried a Loreal kind and broke out immediately but had no issues once I switched to a bismuth-free foundation like Purely Cosmetic’s or Mixology’s.

    I always love talking skin care, especially when it comes to finding healthy alternatives! The only thing I do compromise on is my moisturizer from Arbonne which does contain parabens, but it is a miracle cream and I can’t give it up! Plus I trust most anything European (it’s Swiss made) over American made…seems they’re always a step ahead!

  2. Oooh, the colors are so fabulous!!! I just ordered four of the little holiday jars in crazy colors (like the oceanic blue) and a sample of turbulence… I could’ve bought one of each 🙂

    I’ll let you know how I enjoy them…thanks for posting your blog and letting us all in on your discovery!!

  3. I’m glad to hear it’s working well! I also enjoy mineral makeup. While I’ve had good results with Bare Escentuals, I might try some of the Mixology stuff too. Good fun…

  4. […] friend Natalie posted here about her new find, Mixology Makeup.  I’ve been on the hunt for a good mineral makeup.  […]

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