Apple abundance


Did you know we have an apple tree in the backyard? I have mentioned it before, and even wrote about the results of the sad, wasted harvest from last year. This year, after trimming and feeding the tree, we fared quite the opposite results, having HUNDREDS of good apples covering our one Apple Tree. And what to do with so many? Well, we gave many away, we ate them nearly constantly, dried slices for snacks, made apple pie, and juiced them. Finally last Friday we gathered the last of them- about Four 11 gallon Tubtrug’s full- and spent the better part of 2 days juicing them to make Spiked-Spiced Cider and threw a big Party. Additionally, we now have about 3 additional gallons of fresh Cider left over from the party that we are going to brew into Hard Cider.


Now, we (rather I mean Matt, because this is his little pet project) have never fermented anything before (intentionally). Supposedly Cider is fairly easy and Matt picked up everything we need at the end of last week. So far we are off to a delayed start, as the friend who leant us his brewing equipment forgot to include the gasket that attaches into the lower hole labeled with a Sharpie Marker, “Ian, put the gasket on this side” to remind himself not to forget the second gasket. He is dropping it off tonight, so our gallons of juice, stored in every growler, stockpot and even recycled peanut butter jar we own, are sitting out today to come to room temperature so we can add the yeast and start the brewing process after dinner tonight. 


The cider alone is really good. We drank plenty, Hot and spiked with Brandy, Friday night. I have no idea what kind of apples we have on that tree, but they make darn good cider. I am almost sad now that we plucked every last apple off that tree, though I guess I can wait the better part of three weeks until the Hard Cider is all done. Then we will have an excuse to throw another Party.



~ by gdesign on October 27, 2008.

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