I took a few (dozen) self-portrait shots today for another project I am working on. And because I typically hate any and all pictures of myself. Far more comfortable behind the camera, that’s for sure. Recently I have considered adding my (far belated) participation to Self Portrait Tuesday’s, simply for the fun of getting over taking my own picture. But today is Thursday, so I did it anyways (and like I said, I needed a photo of myself for something else too). In doing so, I have tried to not over scrutinize my perceived flaws, but have now also realized some new things about myself which have gone previously overlooked.


The bump on the bridge of my nose from too many soccer/skiing/activity-related injuries isn’t as bad as I thought. It feels a lot bumpier than it looks. Unfortunately, when I had surgery to correct the deviated septum the procedure didn’t include a nose job to get rid of that bump which has always slightly bugged me.

DSC_2361 DSC_2360

My eyebrow hairs are really rather sporadic. Tallis’ are exactly the same way.


Each nostril is a different size and shape, a definite affect of said sinus surgery. Good thing I am short and not many people spend a good deal of time analyzing the underside of my nose. Oh, and I can’t find my chapstick.


I have a lot more freckles than I thought. Many more, all over. Even all over my forehead. The contrasty black and white really helps draw those out.


And my eyes actually have quite a bit of yellow specks in them. Maybe that is why I can never figure out if my eyes are blue or grey or green- they have bits of all that in there. Plus my left eye angles up just slightly more than my right, making them not symmetrical. Hmm.


Anyways, I am just glad I didn’t throw all of them out. As I have gotten older, I think I have become far more comfortable with myself. Weird I didn’t notice when that adolescent self-consciousness wore off- I think I was too busy doing other things. Mostly, I am just rather surprised at the things I haven’t known and seen before about my own face. Surprised I didn’t notice them before now. You think I would be keenly aware a bit better than that, considering it is my face and all.


~ by gdesign on October 16, 2008.

3 Responses to “Self”

  1. this is very cool. what a lesson in self-acceptance (a very difficult thing for me most of the time!). i love all the pictures (and the commentary!). you do have gorgeous eyes. 🙂

  2. You are lovely. Thanks for looking at yourself.

  3. you are beautiful…i’ve thought so for as long as i’ve known you. but this vulnerable look at yourself and your sharing that with all of us makes you even more beautiful…thank you, natalie 🙂 megan

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