My days seem increasingly stressful. Perhaps it is just the season we are currently in, the pressures of a newborn and two toddlers who ever press on me and stretch me in new directions. Today, though, we hit a first I thought the dealings of was still a ways off yet.

Araiya stole a pack of Rolo’s from Safeway.

Not stole in the sense she forgot she had them in her hand but stole in the sense she blatantly tucked them into her shirt while I was paying after already asking if she could have them and me telling her to put them back. She listened and placed the package back in the candy bin after I denied her request for candy, I thought at the moment she had done a very good job of listening and doing what I asked. Somehow, someway, no one noticed the Three year-old pick back up the same candy and stuff it into her shirt. No one noticed any sort of odd bulge or in no way did she act at all suspicious or guilty as we headed back for the elevator and unloaded the grocery cart at the car. Nor did I notice anything odd as I buckled her into her car seat to drive home. Upon arrival, unbuckling her from the seat and her starting to climb out of the car, I noticed a long, round item she was clutching through her shirt. I asked what it was, she told me she didn’t want me to see it. I told her to show it to me and she pulls out this pack of Rolo’s. I don’t know if I was more floored by the fact she stole it or the fact her thievery was so blatantly unnoticed. I was shocked.

My daughter, the thief.

Long story short, it took an afternoon of explaining honesty and stealing and deceit and guilt to our daughter followed by a return trip to Safeway to have her give back the stolen Rolo’s and repent to the cashier. Honestly, I didn’t think we would be facing that until she was quite a few years older. Sheesh, there’s some icing on the cake.


~ by gdesign on October 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “Taken”

  1. how old is she? i stole for the first time from the grocery store too. i was probably seven. i stole cards, like greeting cards, that I thought were very pretty. i put them in my coat and went home, and then i must have forgot all about them because my mom found them hanging my coat up. I too had to go back to the grocery store, and tell the manager and give them back. i bet, looking back, my mom probably laughed but she sure looked pissed to me.

  2. wow! i know you don’t think it’s funny right now, but it did make me smile. these are lessons to be learned at any age (apparently even at THREE), and i’m sure she’ll remember this one!

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