Still A.F.-ing

Amazon is a really smart company. We are still pretty addicted to Amazon Fresh and they continue to expand both their product selection and service areas. It has been such a life-saver, a time-saver and a sanity-saver. I just made an order at the end of last week that I got delivered the same day I ordered it. It showed up just in time for movie night with a new bag of popcorn. I found a few interesting things with this order.


I ordered this soap simply because it was cheap and we have used it before. To my cart I added 1 Oatmeal Aloe and 1 Cucumber. I expected to get 1 BAR of each. But 1 BOX of each showed up in my order. Each box has a dozen bars. So what do you think, did I really just score a year’s worth of bath soap for under $4, or did the guy grabbing stuff for my order make a mistake?


My guess is the latter, and I have an email in to customer service.

Additionally, I noticed this new little tabs titled “ NOW” and “Special Order Anything” in the top bar of the Amazon Fresh page. It looks like now you can buy nearly anything that normally ships directly from Amazon and have it delivered with your groceries. How cool is that?? Like, let’s say I randomly need another DSLR body this afternoon. I can score a cheaper D40 in a pinch and have it show up on my doorstep this afternoon. Or maybe I decide to speed up my long term plan and get a D700 now while I appear to be still in the introductory period at A.F. and not pay any tax (could I really get away with that?) and have it dropped off in 4 days in a bin next to my Cheerios. Awesomeness. The thing that actually got me really excited was ordering a discounted Compact Flash card and having it delivered, as I almost really was in desperate need of one this past Saturday. Maybe I will try it this coming weekend when I make my next order, I’ll let you know how it works out, because in theory this is the best thing since sliced bread.


~ by gdesign on October 13, 2008.

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