More bECO goodness

Looks like the bECO Butterfly has gotten another redesign. I like that the company continues to strive for improvements. It looks like some of the new features are that the infant seat is removable via two smaller buckles and adjustable in height via velcro. I’d be interested to test out how that works, though I have to say Pia will be out of the insert in no time and the life of use for the infant insert will be fairly short for us in comparison to how long we can use this carrier, so there would be some benefits to it removing when she is big enough. However, it is such a small functionality piece of the overall amazing benefits and design of the original carrier it doesn’t much matter for us. Which is great, because if you can live with that, the Original Butterflies just went on Clearance Sale for $109. I know the last time I posted about a bECO Butterfly Sale many people told me they were bummed to missed out on it. So here is your second chance to pick up the best structured backpack-style carrier for a good discount.

One of the things I really like about the bECO are all the awesome fabric choices. And the Butterfly 2 has some really cool new ones, plus some custom choices made especially for Tender Cargo. 

All sale items at Tender Cargo.


~ by gdesign on October 7, 2008.

One Response to “More bECO goodness”

  1. i’m loving the princess dresses. i also love how your camera blackens out the corners of the image a little. is that a function of the lens? what kind of camera and lens are you using these days? you have such a great eye!

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