It’s been Five days since my last post. Not because there isn’t anything to talk about. On the contrary- we have been really rather busy. I’ve had quite the backlog of photos which today finally started getting uploaded in spurts between working on a submittal for the AIA Awards (more on that later). Thankfully the girls have been more than entertained since last Thursday. You see, last Thursday I picked up four awesome Princess dresses from the Halloween section at Goodwill.


One of he many advantages of living in Seattle (and I mean in Seattle- we are about 20 blocks from the Waterfront in Downtown) is we have the big, huge, main Goodwill Center and Retail store about a half-mile from our house. There is some really awesome stuff you can find there (the Hanna Anderson shirt Araiya wore for her Birthday Daddy Date was $1.50, brand new) and they had just set out the displays with all the Halloween Costumes. Araiya has been introduced to both “Dress-Up Clothes” and “Princesses” by her friend Sigrid. We borrowed a dress for about a week, but it was quite obvious our Girls would really get a lot out of having a set of dress-up clothes of their own.


I came back with the motherload, or at lease Araiya is convinced I did. Four Princess Dresses. Purple, Blue, Butter Yellow and Pink. Each were $3. I was happy to find something I know they will enjoy and get a lot of use out of. Plus they were in really good shape. I tried to get a variety of sizes, hoping they will fit these girls from little toddlers until about 6.


Only when I got back home did I realize 3 of the 4 are from the Disney Princesses costume collection. I tried really hard to pick ones that weren’t obviously marketed characters. I guess I am either out of touch with the lineup of Disney Princesses or just can’t match dresses to characters. The blue one is most likely Cinderella, but the Purple and White have got me beat (though the white could be Belle from Beauty and the Beast, but I thought her dress was more of a daffodil Yellow. Any guesses??


The dress I got for Tallis is more of a Ballet outfit. She isn’t into the dresses thing nearly as much as Araiya is. I haven’t had to clothe Araiya since Thursday (with the exception of going out to Church on Sunday) as she has rotated dresses on about a 10-minute basis. Tallis prefers the Tutu’s I made a while back. She’ll tolerate it for about 3 minutes while the girls dance together. Though she is adorable in the little pink poof I got for her!



~ by gdesign on October 6, 2008.

2 Responses to “Dress-up”

  1. It’s up for debate as to who looks cuter in that little Yellow rose number, Titus was pretty darn cute in it! Any grand halloween plans?

  2. how fun! yeah, i wouldn’t be able to match the dresses to the princesses. i just know i would be in heaven if my mom brought me home princess dresses when i was little.

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