From the ground up


The other day we watched our friend’s house get demolished. If you are at all familiar with Central Seattle you may recognize this sorry little eye sore of a structure. Poor old house was a bit more of a Fixer than it first lead on to be. So now it makes way for the new, and many a friend were on hand to raise a cheer as the demo crew tore into it.


Quite a process to watch, as well. The kids were captivated with the large equipment and loud noises. Though I have to say it took far longer than the way house demo’s are portrayed in the movies- there was no huge smashing or the whole house crashing down at once or some large tractor taking it out in one fell swoop. No, the crew was quite calculated in tearing off bits at at time, cautious to ensure pieces fell into safe locations.


But we all watched for a few hours as bite upon bite were eaten away by the almost anthropomorphic mouth of the machinery. It attracted quite a large crowd, including all the kids and teachers from the neighboring French Preschool exclaiming ooohs and aaahs every time something fell down (in French, of course).


We left when the house was about halfway torn down. I have yet to cruise back by to see the empty lot, though will this Friday as I go to pick up our CSA veggie box just down the street. So cheers for a clean slate, a big first step in the direction of the new house that is to come!!

DSC_1807 DSC_1812 DSC_1813 DSC_1814


~ by gdesign on October 1, 2008.

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