Morning Walk

Once a week I have been getting a few hours of ‘Me’ time. Time where Matt watches the kids, usually during nap time, and I can go out by myself and do whatever. It has been increasingly beneficial for us to make sure I take these quick Sabbaths as a chance to clear my mind and refocus myself away from the ever present and pressing needs of the family. Last week I got up early on a cool, yet sunny, morning to take a walk around the neighborhood.



It was the first time I really was able to stop to notice that it really is turning to Fall. Sure I have seen the hues in the trees from a distance, as I drive or shuffle toddlers down the street. Now I got to stop and notice details- the textures and gradations, contrast and chroma.



I walked up to Tougo Coffee, ordered myself the indulgence of a mocha and one of their brownies (hey, they’re vegan- I can justify it), and sat down at a table by the front window with my Bible and journal. All by myself. I spent a whole hour just collecting my thoughts, reading and writing. Uninterrupted by small children. Since we visit this coffee shop frequently, many people we have gotten to know were quite thrown off that I didn’t have the crew with me.



On the way back I continued to notice and be amazed by the splashes of colors popping up all around- even from unexpected, out of place things. I enjoyed the cooler, crisp smell to the air and have begun to embrace looking forward all the wonderful things I love about fall: The way the leaves crunch under your feet and dance with color against the grass and sidewalk. Wearing scarves and snuggling your chin down into it to fend off the cold. The stark contrast of bare branches against a cloudy sky. Drinking tea and the way the warmth radiates out to your limbs from the inside. Food- squashes, soups, roasts, mmmm… the flavors and textures of this quarter of seasonal cooking is the one I look forward to the most.



And then back home again. Climbing the stairs I almost expected to be met with screaming and meltdowns and a hungry baby. But no, the quiet continued for a bit longer, but not long enough that I don’t continue to appreciate the respit and short escape of the norm.


~ by gdesign on September 30, 2008.

One Response to “Morning Walk”

  1. ahhh… fall. if only it wasn’t still 95 degrees here. (i hate that!)

    mommy breaks are so good. i’m glad you get to do that regularly. and, as always, beautiful pictures!!

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