Kanteen Sock


Fall and Wintertime is all about Tea. I think on average I have tea at least once a day. Likely more. Araiya too, loves tea, often begging me to make it for her or attempting to do so herself. During ski season, the drive up at 7am absolutely requires tea. As Matt and I are both planning on working as Ski Instructors again (wow this will really be my 11th year as a member of PSIA), and we have enrolled Araiya in Alpentykes, and Matt has been looking ahead to when the lifts start turning since about July, and our kid’s cannot be without their Klean Kanteen’s for more than a few moments, it was not super surprising when Matt turns to me in the office and asks if I can make a Cozy for the girl’s Kanteens. Ok, it was a bit surprising, but only because he used the word ‘Cozy’.


Of course I can make a Cozy to protect little hands from the heat of hot coco and tea radiating through the stainless steel. AND I even just so happen to have some scraps of perfectly matching Pink and Green fleece left over from making scarves last season and long underwear the season before. What do you know. Araiya’s exclamation was IT’S A SOCK FOR MY KANTEEN!! A PINK ONE!!!

Yes, yes indeed.

edit: Actually I thought of a better one: It is a Kozy for our Kolored Klean Kanteen’s. Oh yea.


~ by gdesign on September 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “Kanteen Sock”

  1. looooove the karnation kanteen kozy! what a great idea! i need to do that for my kanteen, mostly because i throw it in my purse with something cold and then it sweats all over everything…

  2. We just bought a 5 pack of klean kanteens. Our boys are hooked! I see a sewing project in my future…

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