A weekend spent away from home, caught up in an odd mix of hectic and low key. Crazy in the sense of long car rides with screaming children who are overly-tired to achieve a visit that lasted less than 24 hours then packing back into the car with screaming children who are overly-tired and now hyped up on a month’s worth of sugar and fast food. Low key in the sense that we got a good chance to hang out with Matt’s family, visit with Matt’s brother who will deploy soon for a second tour in Iraq and play at the park with no pressing agenda or stresses. We played at the park. Hung out in Grandma & Grandpa’s living room. Talked. Attended the town’s annual Sausage festival. Didn’t get Araiya to sleep until after 11pm Saturday night. Enjoyed the sun. Fell asleep on the couch.



landoftherich-60 landoftherich-40

Mostly it was a chance to be goofy. 


Like spinning in this chair, over and over and over. unrelenting in their desire to become as dizzy as possible by their Uncle Kevin so they can erupt into giggles and beg for more.

landoftherich-25 landoftherich-24
landoftherich-30 landoftherich-28

And the adults were plenty goofy too, which resulted in plenty of tiredness. It was good to make the opportunity to see Kevin off, though we are all dragging today.


I don’t think trips like this effect the kids as much as Matt and I are thrown off. They just keep going and keep having fun, one day to the next to the next. I just don’t bounce along like that anymore. I overdose on sugar, fun and travel a bit faster then they do, that’s for sure.



~ by gdesign on September 22, 2008.

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