Miss Blondie


Little Miss Tallis has become quite the blonde haired kid. She is by far the fairest, and her light locks have just become long enough to tie back in a ponytail. She looks really cute with her hair all out of her face, quite the contrast to her usual ‘do of the front half of her head of hair cascading over into her face. We decided to forgo the bangs that Araiya has ended up with, so hairstyles for Tallis have been a bit messier. While Araiya typically sports the same look, it has been fun to see Tallis in different styles, as each make her look rather different. 


The latest addition is the full ponytail. This is Mom’s default style of choice. Her fine light hair is too adorable tied up in a little topknot like this.


The typical has been a little side pony with her bangs as they have slowly grown out. It started as her little antenna shooting off the side of her head, growing into a blonde cascade of locks. Sill it is pixie-cute in a kinda spunky way.


And there is of course Daddy’s attempts at pigtails, sophisticated the front but oh so random in the back:




I am suddenly surprised at the length and amount of hair Tallis now sports. Lucky for me she really likes to have her hair done and will come sit in my lap when I pull out the hairbrush. Now that it is almost as long as Araiya’s in the back, I briefly considered giving it a little trim, but decided against it. I am just having too much fun messing with her hair. Maybe french braids will be next!


~ by gdesign on September 15, 2008.

3 Responses to “Miss Blondie”

  1. well, the hair IS cute, but more cute are her rolly-polly legs! i once found a photo of myself circa age five, and i definitely, wihtout a doubt, was sporting a mullet that my mom cut herself on me.

  2. i totally look forward doing hair-dos on my little girl. i’m impressed that she lets you and keeps it in. what a cutie pie! and got to love a daddy doing pony tails!

  3. okay seriously how cute is she?!?!?!?

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