One month


The one month mark. This stretch always feels long to me because of the sheer newness and awesome wonder it is to care for a newborn in those first few weeks. After this the months begin to melt away as the rhythms of life continue to happen and that little baby blob so rapidly changes. After the 6 month milestone, it just flies. One year is the eagerly anticipated benchmark to the illusion that it starts to feel easier. Perhaps it is that one month is just the breaking in phase. All the adjustments and re-figuring out how life is going to happen. Where we are at is how it is with a new baby, the way life gets just tossed up in the air and all discombobulated for a bit. I guess I would like to think I can be like a cat, because they always twitch around a bit going up and coming down and always seem to land on their feet. I can’t complain too much, Pia has been by far the smoothest transitions with a newborn. We have just kinda hit the ground running. She is sleeping well. She is incredibly chill. I hate to say the word, but she is really pretty darn easy. In the back of my mind I am expecting to eat my words, as there are many hiccups and bumps to come. She will have her own unique sets of challenges we will have to work through as parents. But I am still awaiting the baby/sleep deprivation/sibling difficulties to hit, as I have blamed the ease on the fact she is a newborn and pretty much just sleeps, eats and poops. The older two have been far more of a challenge thus far. Juggling three means inevitably someone, at some point is a bit more unsupervised than usual, and that someone (*cough* Araiya) tends to find her way into plenty of trouble (spreading out an entire package of paper plates on the floor or drawing in my Modern List Manhattan book with a Sharpie, for instance).

DSC_1337-24 DSC_1341-25 DSC_1336-23


So hopefully Pia is falling into a pattern and these tendencies we have seen so far will continue. She is so peaceful and enjoyable. I love snuggling up with this warm little bundle against me to nurse and cuddle and sleep. I love her alert bright blue eyes and soft silky hair when she is asleep on my shoulder. Just adorable. Just so amazing, I am in awe of her, wishing I could just sit there as serene as she is and just stare (well, probably take pictures too). She is putting up with a lot, there is an awfully great amount of rough love being bestowed on her by her older sisters. They continue to be absolutely smitten with her as well, continually wanting to be near her (or on her). Apparently for all of us the Baby moon has yet to wear off. Not that I mind in the least!



~ by gdesign on September 12, 2008.

One Response to “One month”

  1. i think the third time around has been my favorite, too. perspective has changed, i know the baby days are so very fleeting.

    you have such a precious set of little women. God grant you His grace in raising them.

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