Etherial light


What a beautiful morning!
Sunlight streaming in the front windows, illuminating the living room with it’s warmth as it penetrated all the way to the back wall. Almost makes it feel like the start of summer again. Girls, still waking up, emerge into the brightness, cuddle with me, then begin to play.

_DSC1253-4 _DSC1256-5

I took the opportunity of the amazing lighting to snap some shots as first Araiya, then Tallis in attempts to copy her sister, came and laid their heads down in my lap. The way the sunshine illuminated their beautiful, youthful skin was great. The contrast between the dark, dynamics of their vibrant eyes and eyelashes against the soft, smooth lightness of skin.




And little Tallis, who is much fairer skinned than either of her sisters, as the light played of her porcelain cheeks and delicate features.




Utilizing the opportunity and advantage of how direct light plays off the glass in the lens, which emphasizes the feel of an etherial softness effects in the photos.


Then, the moment, as fleeting as a toddler’s attention span, gone as they spring off together to go color, filing the house with their laughter which bounces around the living room as joyfully as the sunshine.



~ by gdesign on September 9, 2008.

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