Belly button bulge


There was eager anticipation for Pia’s Umbilical Cord to wither and fall off. Belly buttons hold a position of odd fascination in our house. I guess all Toddlers like to point out their belly buttons, pulling up their shirts to show it off. We are no exception in that regard. Araiya, however, developed a bit of a belly button fettish a little before a year’s age where she would pull on the ‘button’ from an innie to an outtie. I remember the first time I saw her do this and freaked out because I didn’t know how to get the popped button back in. I thought she had done something to herself that wasn’t supposed to happen- it looked just wrong. We came to realize she would actually pull her belly button out and fiddle with it as an act of soothing, much like other children suck their thumbs. She owns the ultimate inny/outtie belly button of all time, more like a Belly Tube, as I call it. She does this when she is tired and every night while going to sleep- bottle in one hand, belly button fidgeting with the other. In contrast, I have a Belly Hole. All three pregnancies, as my belly has stretched and stretched, we never quite found the end to my innie. Tallis’ is a flat little horizontal slit is almost barely noticeable in her pouchy little tummy. Matt has a wonderfully perfect belly button, the best by far. Some doctor did a great job clamping his cord. So we all wondered, what would Pia’s look like? Araiya asked over and over about the shriveling cord. Tallis pointed out “bu-uon!” over and over. Middle of the night at day 16, Matt exclaims during a darkened diaper change, “ah! her cord fell off!” And low and behold, she has a Belly Protrusion, which I didn’t think too odd due the unusual array of bellybuttons I am already surrounded with. Until day 18 when we headed into our Naturopath for Pia’s 2-week visit, when she exclaims as we are weighing her, “ah! an Umbilical Hernia!”

A what? The word Hernia just sounds bad, enough so to put Mamma on high alert. Hernia? Doesn’t that hurt? Doesn’t that require surgery? Apparently, no. And luckily it is one of those things that in most cases will simply resolve itself. Until then, Pia has a Belly Nob. It looks rather silly. And feels even odder when you realize the soft ballooning protrusion in there is her innards. Of course our awesome Naturopath sends us home armed with as much information as possible:


The umbilical cord is a strong, flexible pipeline. It carries a mother’s lifeblood to her child, and anything that might harm the child is removed by her mother. This conduit enters the baby between the two rectus abdominus muscles of the abdominal wall. These two muscles (which we later try to keep firm with sit-ups) are connected by a white line of tough fibrous tissue called the linea alba. The umbilical ring is a small hole (about 1/2 inch in diameter) through which the umbilical cord passes into the belly. Usually, after the umbilical cord is cut and the stump begins to wither and fall off, the umbilical ring closes and the linea alba becomes a smooth, unbroken band. If the umbilical ring is still open, the child has an umbilical hernia. The belly button “pooches” out, and gets bigger if the baby is crying or straining. Sometimes it looks almost like a balloon. When the baby is relaxed, this balloon can be gently pushed back into the belly — only to reemerge a few minutes later.

Umbilical hernias are quite common. They are found in about 10 percent of all Babies. They are also much more common in girls and in premature babies.

This type of hernia does not cause pain or other symptoms.

Over 85 percent of umbilical hernias will disappear by age one even if you do nothing at all.”


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4 Responses to “Belly button bulge”

  1. okay, that is amazing! my sister would freak, though, if she ever heard of such a thing because belly buttons totally gross her out, which i think is hilarious.

    hello, long lost friend! thanks for finding us! now i will have to read up on you too! is this little belly button pumpkin your third? which cloth diapers do you use? after baby is born, we’ll be switching to cloth. so far we’ve bought a few bum genius.

  2. Well at least you have an eye-less smiley face!

    I mean look at it! It IS smiling back at you, don’t you see it?

  3. i was just researching on the web about the belly button bulge because my daughter of 4.5 years old still pulls her belly button out and plays with it while drinking her sippy cup or when she is nervous. we are starting to get concerned because she will be 5 in jan. and her belly button really comes out and she is complaining of belly pain. i think it’s really special because i have never seen it before.

  4. Excellent site, keep up the good work

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