Fruit Harvest


Our fruit trees have seen a huge improvement since last year. Amazing what a little trimming, thinning and feeding will do.


A sure sign that Fall is just about upon us. While I love it, it is sad to see Summer wane away. I could still bask in sun and heat a while longer this year. Coming up the stairs the other evening I was hit with a cool Western breeze, steeped in the smell of that crispness Autumn brings. I do appreciate the change of the seasons, and Seattle is the first place I have lived where I can revel in the 4 distinct phases each year. Living in this house now for the second Fall, the Orchard has truly been the means of which we mark the turning of this time. And we benefit from picking our own fresh fruit off our own trees, how fun is that??

DSC_0885-82 DSC_0910-92 DSC_0902-90

This year we have got some good sized Pears and, once again, a ton of Apples. The apple tree, while much of the fruit are riddled with bug holes, has produced many good apples. So glad they aren’t all a waste like they were in comparison to last year. While tart, they will be great for baking or Cider. I guess I should be looking on Craigslist or Googling how to make a Cider Press.


But yes, once again we have a TON from the one Apple tree. Not all the fruit is ripened just yet, but the trees are beginning to shed, so we spent some time Sunday cleaning up the fallen stuff and picking some of the good. There will be plenty, plenty more for sharing (drop me an email if you want to come get some!!)



~ by gdesign on September 1, 2008.

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