Burdth-day Daddy-Date

Matt took Araiya out this morning on a very special 3rd Birthday Daddy Date this morning. Before they left, I bestowed upon her a ‘Princess Crown’ with hearts, since she has been asking for Princess dress-up clothes for the last few days. When Matt asked her what she wanted to do on her Daddy Date, she said get Candy and Lollipops and Cake and Chocolate.


Matt had some other ideas on what to do. They hopped the bus to Downtown, first stopping in at Top Pot for some Pink Doughnuts. With Sprinkles, of course. Araiya loves Doughnuts, although she doesn’t call them Doughnuts- she calls them Bagels. With Sprinkles. She has also been asking for a Princess/Wedding dress lately, a Pink one with Pink Sprinkles (sprinkles also mean sparkles).


She ate all the pink frosting first, picking it off the doughnut. Then discovered all the pink frosting which had lodged down in the doughnut hole, so she flipped the doughnut over on her plate and picked out all the pink frosting from there too. I don’t know if she actually finished the dough part or not.


They cruised on down to Peter Miller Books where Peter Miller gave her a small board book (coolness!). Plus Matt bought her a small notepad for drawing. It’s pink. Then they crossed the street and she picked out a bouquet of flowers from Pikes Place Market. They too, are of course, (mostly) pink.


She came back bubbling over with excitement, wanting to show me her flowers and notepad and tell me all about their trip. She told me all about how she gave one of her flowers to a boy on the bus. He, apparently, tried to eat it. I know how much she enjoys her time with her Daddy and for the rest of the day has been talking about her outing this morning. And she sang herself Happy Birthday before lunch today, taking breaks between bites of her grilled cheese sandwich to smell this beautiful bouquet which now graces our table.


~ by gdesign on August 26, 2008.

3 Responses to “Burdth-day Daddy-Date”

  1. That donut looks really good…
    Happy birthday Araiya!!

  2. That is so incredibly sweet.

  3. […] There is some really awesome stuff you can find there (the Hanna Anderson shirt Araiya wore for her Birthday Daddy Date was $1.50, brand new) and they had just set out the displays with all the Halloween Costumes. […]

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