Out with the Old…


In with the new…

DSC_0031 DSC_0034 DSC_0029

First up- New Klean Kanteen’s for the whole Fam. A long time coming- Bye-bye Plastic sippy’s. They all got dumped in the trash today. Araiya, of course, wanted the Pink one. She has been liking the Sport Top on hers, but I am really impressed by the Avent Sippy top and adapter. Really easy to clean. Tallis has carried her Green Kanteen around non-stop since they arrived on Saturday.


New Glass Evenflo Bottles for Baby g.3- Bye-Bye Plastic baby bottles! I have heard these even go onto the Medela pump we have, an added bonus.


Followed by preparation for the Big Something New- Baby g.3’s side of the room, cradle still unfinished (been avoiding that one due to all the construction dust filtering in from the backyard and deck). My hospital bag all packed, new baby clothes laid out. I even bought a new bright green robe for wearing around the hospital. Why suffer again in those silly Hospital Gowns??


And finally the EXCITING Something New- our new Camera. Which is why I am posting random pictures of all the random stuff I can think to test the camera out on. Whoo hoo! These are just quick shots in auto mode (not my fave) until I can read through the entire user’s manual and look up all the resources I have bookmarked online to figure out how to set all my customized settings. Plus I didn’t edit any of these. Fun, none the less!


Tallis provided me a Cheezy Grin, Araiya at least held still for 2.5 seconds.



~ by gdesign on August 11, 2008.

One Response to “Out with the Old…”

  1. no new baby yet but yay new camera! how exciting! i must admit i’m jealous…maybe i’ll use my sister’s baby as an excuse

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