Style Quiz

I’m still here — still pregnant.
Stumbled upon this fun UK design quiz yesterday where you select the images that best suit your style based on the prompted questions.


My style is “Retro Chic” — “Your home is sharp and modern, but with a nostalgic nod to an idealised world in the not-too-distant past.” Pretty spot on, especially the few parts where I am told I am “surprisingly masculine” (not the first time) – “At home, cool, sleek, masculine lines and colours” and “perhaps it has to do with all the gagets you own, though more likely about the choices you make when it comes to colour and functionality of design. Chances are, perhaps, that your busy lifestyle might add an element of unavoidable disorder to an otherwise orderly and disciplined aesthetic.” Gee, you think?


What’s your Style?


~ by gdesign on August 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “Style Quiz”

  1. I appear to be “Super Cooool Country.” I was hesitant at first, but it’s suprisingly close actually. Thanks for sharing. And don’t tell Wendy about the country part…she’s going to give me such a hard time….

  2. Ha! What a cool blog you have here. So turns out I am “Funky Modern” … I enjoy the funky aspect — thanks for sharing

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